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Run by Coach Alex & Coach Manny, Technical and Tactical Training Summer Soccer Camps will teach players the technical and tactical skills needed to become more successful during game like situations.

WHO: Designed for competitive players that want to improve dramatically
WHAT: 4 day camp
AGES: 2011-2006 (Boys and Girls)

June 25-28 Poinsettia Community Park – MAP 9am-12pm *$179 ($60 day rate) REGISTER NOW
July 23-26 Aviara Community Park – MAP 9am-12pm *$179 ($60 day rate) REGISTER NOW

*Early bird registration price of $179 ends on May 4, 2018, and will increase to $199 on May 5, 2018

Technical and Tactical Training Summer Soccer Camps will be exciting, enjoyable and educational camps delivered by LAGSD Heads of Player Development, Coach Alex & Coach Manny, who share a coaching experience of over 20 years.

Players will gain technical tools required to outplay their opponent and then be guided on how to improve game intelligence and show decision making skills of when, where, how, and why to execute each technique under pressure from an opponent.

Players will be challenged and put in situations out of their “comfort zone”, not quite in the “panic zone”, but firmly in the “learning zone” – whilst playing with a smile on their face.

Every day for the last hour the camps will have the very popular WORLD CUP GAMES where the players will face each other in small sided games. This will be an opportunity to showcase their skill-set in the game and earn valuable points to help their country be victorious.

Each day coaches will reiterate the importance of being a good team mate and award world cup points based on leadership, work rate, sportsmanship and team work.


  • Come 15-20 minutes early for camp check-in
  • Bring a soccer ball (with player’s name on it)
  • Bring snacks (camp lets out at 12 NOON)
  • Bring lots of water to stay fully hydrated at all times
  • Every player must wear proper soccer attire; t-shirt, shorts, long socks, shin guards & cleats – really important for the safety of the players

*Free t-shirt for all camp attendees

Spaces will fill up quickly. Questions? email: